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Organization: An-An free Education Website /

                  ◎In order to be pure, this activity will not raise money outside and refuses to accept any patronage either.

FirstPurpose It’s assistance in poor children who live in Cambodia; we hope people can know more about Cambodia through this website, and hope the humanism rescue from every country can help children being educate. Internet is a starting point; we can condense the love in whole world for helping Cambodia together.

SecondGoal of the plan:

OneWrite to presidents, try to use mails and short films to touch their hearts and they will want to give them helps. Combine the resources of various countries and division of labor; undertake the foundation just like education and medical treatment, constructing a new future of Cambodia.

TwoSuggest the Taiwan enterprise to invest and set up product line in Cambodia for improving the employment rate, leading the local economics. And then it will advance its living environment and the quality of life, make a win-win situation.

ThreeProvide free teaching information to local department by erecting an international website of Cambodia, they can download it in this website, and we can publicize the importance of education at here, too. This activity will complement the rebuild plan and advance the quality of teaching and degree of network.

       FourTransmit the messages to Taiwan through network and advertisements; further the world point of view by knowing more about the country in the Third World